Solar & Green Energy Services

Gainesville Solar and Green Energy Services

Gator Air and Energy is committed to being green. As individuals, we have accepted the responsibility of caring for the environment and overcoming energy waste, and as a company, we are dedicated to discovering the most energy efficient, environmentally friendly solutions for supplying contemporary conveniences such as conditioned air and hot water to homes and businesses. These motivations have guided us to supply solar and green energy services to the Gainesville area in an effort to encourage local families and companies to preserve the environment by saving energy.

Gator Air and Energy partner Chuck Larsen is a licensed solar contractor for the state of Florida, entitling Gator Air and Energy to stand out as a company providing both HVAC and solar services. The solar and green energy services that Gator Air and Energy offers include the installation and repair of solar water heaters, solar attic fans, solar tubes, and tank and tankless water heaters. These technologically advanced systems protect the environment with reduced energy waste and save people money with less energy used overall. Therefore, Gator Air and Energy stands as an advocate for these green answers to the energy problems of maintaining modern living standards and encourages Gainesville residents to preserve the environment and their finances by incorporating these solar and green energy products into their lives today.

Solar Services

Gator Air and Energy believes that solar energy is a beautiful, important improvement to the relationship between humans and nature. Solar energy inspires humans to be more thankful for nature by receiving its gracious gifts without taking too much. The solar services of Gator Air and Energy allow the community of Gainesville to take advantage of living in the Sunshine State with products that collect all that free sunlight in order to achieve all kinds of green savings.

Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heaters are an especially effective use of sunlight to save money and energy over time. Solar water heaters employ the energy of the sun to heat water rather than electricity or gas, which greatly reduces your monthly utility bill over time. Proper installation and use can ensure that solar water heaters prove to be a more economical choice throughout the life of the system than methods of heating water with electricity, propane, dedicated heat pumps, or heat recovery units. While there are several different types of solar water heating systems available, the three most commonly used in Florida are pumped systems, integral collector storage systems, and thermo-siphon systems. The purpose of each type of system is to produce heated water throughout the day by using solar panels to collect sunlight that heats the water and moves it through the system.

In Florida, sunlight is rarely hard to come by, but in the case of stormy weather or high hot water demand, a backup electrical element in the storage tank of the system will heat the water when necessary. While the amount of money solar water heaters can save a family depends upon the amount of hot water used, the size of the storage tank, and type and price of the fuel used for backup water heating, the average savings for a family of four who spends $399 a year on electricity to heat their water is between 50%-85%. Turning off the backup and relying only on the sun to heat your water during the summer can save even more money. As properly designed and installed solar water heaters can perform well for more than twenty years, the savings of money and energy will be quite substantial over time. Due to our priority to help Gainesville area families find the most efficient ways to achieve comfort while keeping expenses low and nature healthy, Gator Air and Energy is proud to extend solar water heater installation and servicing to the community.

Solar Attic Fans

Another great way to harness the sunshine in Florida is through the use of solar attic fans. Solar attics fans actually turn the heat of Florida against itself by using sunshine to power a fan installed on the roof of the home that provides superior ventilation to the attic and removes any excess warmth. Capturing the energy of sunlight in solar panels and channeling that energy to a fan underneath the solar panels empowers solar attic fans to remove heat build-up from the attic and keep your air conditioning system from working so hard in the summer.

Removing that extra heat reduces the amount of energy your air conditioning burns through to keep the house cool, and with this advantage, solar attic fans are essential for lowering monthly utility bills. In the event of Florida ever suffering from a rare snowfall, a solar attic fans also have a helpful feature for colder months. Solar attic fans keep insulation dry and effective in the winter by continuously exchanging warm attic air for cooler outside air in an effort to achieve an ambient temperature and reduced moisture in the attic. Therefore, no matter what kind of weather your home is experiencing, solar attic fans are always beneficial for Florida families hoping to secure affordable comfort.

Solar Tubes

The sunlight in Florida can be very multifunctional for Gainesville residents. In general, solar energy taps into the heat of the sun, but some solar technology actually uses the light of the sun. The principle behind solar tubes is actually an uncomplicated and aged concept, but these simple devices are nevertheless very effective in the Sunshine Sate. Solar tubes are an extremely green way to grant a dark room more natural lighting.

The setup of solar tubes is actually very straightforward: a metal cylinder is inserted between a hole in the roof of a house and the ceiling of the room below the roof. A plastic globe on the roof covers the top opening of the cylinder, and the particularly reflective material in the tube sends sunlight out the bottom opening of the cylinder to flood the room with a surprising amount of light. The amount of light coming from a solar tube is greater than that coming from a window because the sunlight is more direct, and this new abundance of natural light keeps interior rooms in the house well lit without spending money on the energy of multiple electric light sources. With such small openings to the outside, solar tubes are safer than windows that intruders can usually fit through, and since solar tubes do not require electric installation, they can be placed above wet places such as bathrooms and laundry rooms. Solar tubes are also much cheaper to come by than skylights, as solar tube installations usually cost no more than half the price of skylight installations. Therefore, solar tubes are another economical, energy-saving solar service that Gator Air and Energy offers to the Gainesville area.

Green Energy Services

Gator Air and Energy is officially licensed to deliver solar services to the community, but as we are also officially committed to preserving energy, we are also capable of delivering green energy services. The specific green energy services that Gator Air and Energy supplies are the installation and repair of tank and tankless water heaters. If you do not plan on going the solar route with your water heater, you can still save resources and funds with the many different kinds of energy efficient water heaters available. In order to determine which water heater would work best for your lifestyle, you must know the varying options that exist, and you must know that Gator Air and Energy does it all. Focusing on water storage capacity, you can choose either a tank or tankless water heater, and for fuel type, you can choose natural gas, propane, and electric. You can also choose a water heater that works for the whole house or just at the point of use.

Tankless Water Heaters

While Gator Air and Energy works with all of these options, for the sake of going green, we recommend tankless water heaters, which waste less energy by only heating water as it is needed. Tankless water heaters still provide a steady flow of water whenever or wherever you need it, and they can also reduce energy consumption by as much as 30%. Tankless water heaters are not only very energy efficient: they are also very environmentally friendly, as they emit fewer chemicals into nature.

Conventional tank water heaters have beneficial features as well, so for those wanting the best of both worlds, hybrid water heaters actually accomplish the most energy efficiency with a heat pump that delivers more hot water up to 33% faster than standard electric water heaters. They also cost the least amount of money over time; with operating costs of $18 per month, the savings can add up to $370 per year.

For fuel types, electric water heaters generally have higher energy efficiency ratings than gas heaters. However, the hybrid in this area is again the most considerate of the plants and pennies, as their lower operating costs can save hundreds of dollars annually for conserving Gainesville residents. In order to accurately determine which type of water heater would be best for your living situation, call Gator Air and Energy today to get the information and installation you need.