How To Increase Productivity in Your Business (With Your Thermostat)

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Want to be more efficient in all aspects of your business? Your solution can be as simple as changing the thermostat. Studies have shown that certain, specific temperature ranges can affect one’s productivity in various ways, and at Gator Air and Energy, we’ve collected tips to help you find the best temperature for workplace productivity.

Temperature & Workplace Productivity

Inefficient Extremes

According to The Society of Human Resource Management, extreme cold or hot is detrimental to workplace efficiency. For heat, the range of temperatures in your office should not reach 77° or higher because as the temperature increases, efficiency decreases. By the time you get to 87°, the average worker is only 90% as efficient as they could be. Consequently, the mirror opposite is true for cold temperatures. Instead of becoming more efficient as it gets colder, the work rate actually decreases again. The temperature begins to hurt your office productivity again at 66° and only worsens with every lower degree.

The Dangers of Extremes

So, why are extremes in temperature not efficient? Obviously, working in 20° weather is not going to be conducive to getting work done, but what about the difference between an office in the 60° range versus an office in the 70° range? Well, as the temperature gets colder, people get more sluggish and are more susceptible to getting sick, which, of course, keeps them from doing work. Just think about it: when you are cold, wouldn’t you rather wrap up in a blanket than do any work? The same is true for heat. If you are in the 80° range versus the 70°range, the environment becomes a little too warm for comfortable office work. Particularly in the summer, an 80° indoor temperature lends even more to overheating and discomfort, which once again distracts workers from doing their jobs.

The Sweet Spot for Workplace Productivity

claim that the range of temperatures you should keep your office at is around 70-73°. This is the temperature range where one can be comfortable in a regular amount of clothes. This “sweet spot” is more officially known as Thermal Comfort. Finding thermal comfort can help your employees work at maximum efficiency every day.

Other Temperature Tips

The final temperature of your office can be affected by relative humidity. Therefore, you should make sure your humidity is not too high or too low, because both ends can cause problems. Humidity that’s too low can dry out the workers’ skin, and humidity that’s too high can cause condensation on surfaces in the office. Condensation, if left unchecked, can lead to mold buildup.

Get Productive with Help from Gator Air & Energy

Finding thermal comfort is a great way to improve efficiency in your workplace, and it is as simple as turning a dial on your thermostat. However, by adjusting the thermostat, you may find that you have air conditioning problems that extend beyond your control. Therefore, if you need help with a faulty HVAC system for your business, need to install a new system, or just have A/C-related questions, contact us at Gator Air and Energy!

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