Heating Services

Most modern homes are equipped with an HVAC system which manages the climate of your home and enables you to find personalized comfort levels indoors. Floridians don’t usually equate comfort with heating. Yet, just because you more commonly use your air conditioning over your heater, it doesn’t mean that you should forget about it.

Heat can be a valuable piece of the puzzle during some of our cold winter nights. Before winter hits the Gainesville area, make sure that your heating equipment is taken care of and performing at high levels. Gator Air and Energy is your leader in heating services in North Central Florida.

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Heating Services in Gainesville, FL

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Heater Repair

If you are turning on your heating system for the first time in a few months and it doesn’t seem to be working, it might be time to give us a call! We provide you with the same quality service we provide when repairing any of your HVAC needs. There are many signs that your heater needs repairs. Some of the more common signs your furnace needs to be repaired include:

Signs You May Need Heater Repair

  • Unusual loud sounds
  • Trouble staying on or heating your home
  • Spike in utility bills
  • Yellow pilot light
  • Ice is where it shouldn’t be

Stop suffering through the cold winter nights and call Gator Air and Energy. Our professional technicians have years of experience repairing heaters and can ensure a warm home in winter.

Heater Installation

Gator Air & Energy can install the ideal heating system for your home. We install industry leading Trane® heaters and furnaces so you are provided with the highest quality system you can depend on for years—with regular maintenance. There are a variety of types of heaters that are available for your home. Some of the common heating systems include:

  • Gas furnaces
  • Oil furnaces
  • Heat pumps
  • Coils
  • And more!

It is important that you have an updated and properly maintained heater. Gator Air and Energy can assure remarkable energy savings and professional quality service. Part of our measuring process involves calculating how many BTUs (British Thermal Units) per hour your house needs. Thus, you’re guaranteed a heating system that will be a proper fit for your home.

Heater Maintenance

Installing an industry leading Trane® HVAC system is only one of the many services Gator Air and energy can provide. North Central Florida faces chilly winter nights, and heating systems are there to make your sleep comfortable.

Your heater gets regular use in the winter and it sits dormant in the summer; therefore, heaters build up dust, grease, and grime. Inspections of heating elements should occur at least once per year. Gator Air and Energy can guarantee that your unit is safe, clean, and efficient for the winter months!

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Heating Services from Gator Air & Energy

Gator Air and Energy is North Central Florida’s #1 HVAC contractor for energy savings. It is important that your heating systems are running effectively and efficiently. We can ensure that your heater is properly maintained year-round.

We inspect your entire HVAC system so you are saving as much money as possible. We pride ourselves on making sure our customers are getting the most out of their heating system—while conserving energy in the meantime.

We offer heating services the following locations:

    • Gainesville
    • Starke
    • Lake City
    • High Springs
    • Palatka
    • Alachua
    • And more!

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