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How To Keep Your AC Running Smoothly Without Repair Needs

Air Conditioner

When you’re sitting on the couch and feel the temperature steadily begin to rise within your home, the dreaded realization that your air conditioner is not working properly can set your day on an unexpected, stressful path. However, with proactive care and maintenance, you can avoid it all.  Below, we’ll walk you through 4 of…Read More »

Duct Cleaning and Root Cause Analysis of Dirty Ducts

Duct Cleaning

What Causes Dirty Ducts? At Gator Air and Energy, we not only clean dirty ducts but we look for the root cause of what is causing unhealthy air in the customer’s home. Ducts mainly get dirty for two reasons:  Poor quality or filter location in relation to airflow. The AC unit growing contaminants due to…Read More »

Energy-Saving Tips for Your Home

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Reducing your household energy use can entail anything from small changes in your day-to-day behavior to making wise investments in your home for a more sustainable future. Conserving energy will save your household money on utility bills and protect the environment from the harsh effects of excess energy usage, making these changes smart choices for…Read More »

Remedies for Clean Air

Living room

Whether you’re spending time inside your home or outside, the quality of the air you breathe is incredibly important for your health and wellness. Harmful air pollutants can build up and collect in the air supply within your home, posing significant health threats to your household. As we tend to spend approximately 90% of our…Read More »

How Air Conditioning Fights Against Florida’s Humidity

Living in Gainesville, homeowners are no stranger to their fair share of weather extremes. But a constant threat to the security of your home, indoor air quality, and overall comfort is humidity. Luckily, a properly maintained AC unit helps to protect your home and your family from humidity. This is because the main purpose of…Read More »

What are the benefits of adding a UV light purifier to my HVAC system?

HVAC UV Lights Indoor Air Quality

In the last decade, air purification systems for HVAC systems have become more available with a variety of technologies. These include return air duct mounted electronic air filters and supply duct mounted air purifiers. Together, these systems can remove 99.98 percent of particles entering the system. The price of these air quality products varies from…Read More »

5 Myths on Energy Efficient Heating

When it comes time to adjust your thermostat, there are quite a few factors that can influence your desired setting. Personal comfort, your spouse or housemates preferences, your pets and plants needs, your plans for the day, and weather shifts may all be major influences, but after reviewing your most recent utility bill, energy cost…Read More »