Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioning Services in Gainesville, FL

Most modern homes come equipped with an HVAC  (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) system. This system manages the climate of your home and enables you to control your personal comfort levels indoors. Living in North Central Florida, a working air conditioner is more of a necessity than a luxury.

To ensure that your central air is working in prime condition, make Gator Air and Energy your go-to HVAC contractor. Gator Air and Energy is Gainesville’s all-inclusive authority on air conditioning installations, maintenance, and repairs. Our daily focus is doing right by our customers while saving them energy and money. If you need anything air conditioning related, we are the experts you need. 

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AC Repair

Has your air conditioner stopped blowing cool air, started making loud noises, or isn’t working at all? Living in Alachua County or the surrounding area means you need an air conditioning unit that you can rely on. Don’t suffer through the Florida heat, call Gator Air and Energy. Our technicians have years of experience repairing cooling units and can ensure your home stays cool through the heat. Call us today to schedule professional AC repair!

AC Maintenance

Over time, air conditioners collect dust, dirt, grease, and countless other obstructions which could damage your AC unit. Air conditioners should be inspected and tuned-up at least once per year to maintain optimal performance. With regular AC maintenance from Gator Air and Energy, we can confidently know that your unit is clean, safe, and working efficiently so you can save energy and money!

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Air Conditioning Installation

Gator Air and Energy has mastered residential air conditioning and can install the ideal HVAC system for your home. If you have had your current unit for twelve years or longer, it may be time to consider installing a new HVAC unit. Doing so will have a significantly positive impact on the comfort of your home and your energy bills. At Gator Air and Energy, we install industry-leading Trane® air conditioners so you know you are getting a quality cooling unit which, with regular maintenance and cleaning, will last for years to come!

Complete Home Evaluation

When you need a new air conditioning system, Gator Air and Energy can prescribe the air conditioning unit that will be a flawless fit for your home, which we only do after we have measured your house completely.

Our Measuring Process Involves:

  • Gathering the essential information of window types
  • Home orientation
  • Infiltration rates
  • Insulation R-values
  • Duct leakage and more
  • Calculate how many BTUs (British Thermal Units) per hour your house needs

Air Conditioning Services from Gator Air and Energy

Gator Air and Energy is Gainesville’s most energy-efficient air conditioning contractor. In North Central Florida, the air conditioner is on for the majority of the year. Because of this, it’s important to ensure your AC unit is running efficiently and your home is as efficient as it can be. Gator Air and Energy does just that. We care about your comfort, your wallet, and the environment; which is why when we visit your home for any air conditioning service, we inspect your entire home and unit to find ways to save energy and reduce utility costs.

If you’re ready to schedule AC services and are looking for a top HVAC contractor in the Gainesville area, call Gator Air and Energy to schedule service!