Communication is Key: Why Working With an HVAC Contractor That Keeps Your Company Updated is Crucial

Why communication is so important, and what you should do to encourage communication with your HVAC contractor

When you are running a small business, you need to know what is going on in all areas of your company. So why is it that many HVAC companies fail to share all of the details of what they doing with you? Well, Gator Air and Energy has the list of reasons why, and we also have the facts you need to be more prepared for HVAC services in the future.

Frequent Checkups + No Communication = Surprise Fees

If you are a small business owner with your own brick and mortar building, you might be in a contract with a local HVAC company. If so, that contract probably affords you quarterly or offseason checkups on your system. When these checkups happen, do your HVAC technicians stop by, inspect your building’s unit, and then leave? While that kind of behavior is not necessarily a bad thing, knowing what they are doing and when they are doing it can help you as a business owner better understand what you are paying for and not be caught by surprise fees.

Surprise Fees = The Dread of Business Owners Nationwide

The fees that come along with regular maintenance, such as replacing parts or updating your system, are not generally a surprise to the HVAC technician working with your system. However, that HVAC technician is not updating you as to what is going on with your system, then any fee other than the regular maintenance fee will come as an unwelcome surprise to you the business owner. Therefore, it is in the best interests of both the contractor and the business owner to be as upfront as possible, and for the contractor to warn the business owner of possible future problems.

Communication + Information = The End of Surprise Fees

As a manager, you can take control of the situation simply by asking to be kept informed about what the technicians are doing when they visit. Some HVAC companies that work with small business do not worry about telling the managers about what they are doing because managers often do not understand what technicians tell them. HVAC companies figure that it is easier to understand how much the changes will cost rather than what the changes actually are. However, if you ask to be informed regardless of whether or not you will understand what they are saying specifically, then you will compel them to begin the habit of notifying you. With this habit, you can know whether or not you really need to spend the money they ask you to spend, or at the very least, you can prepare yourself for the inevitable expenditure.

Gator Air and Energy = The Ultimate Solution

The best way to insure that you will regularly communicate with your HVAC contractor is to hire a company that already prides itself in their tendency to keep their customers up to date. If you are a small business owner in Gainesville, the solution to your HVAC needs is Gator Air and Energy. To discover how much Gator Air and Energy is willing to share with you, contact us for a consultation, and visit our page on commercial HVAC services for more information.

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