Does HVAC Play a Part in Education? The Answers to What Affects the Learning Process

Are there outside forces that affect focus and learning for kids in school? Here are a few points on what role HVAC plays in schools and their students’ learning capabilities

If you are a teacher, you are probably well aware of what students in today’s classes have to endure. Middle school drama, difficult tests, and extracurricular activities can certainly play a role in the distraction of students, as they have for decades. However, is there something else that could be inhibiting the learning process for students? Studies show that a lot more than what we may expect can affect the ability of students to focus on their schoolwork.

Temperature is Crucial to Focus

The role that a room’s temperature plays is critical to the average student’s focus. Studies from the Council of Educational Facility Planners International (CEFPI) show that a room at too high or too low of temperature can alter test scores for students. This organization conducted a study that had students of the same age and comprehension level take exams in rooms with varying temperatures. Students in the two rooms that averaged a low and a high temperature respectively had lower scores than those in the room that maintained a more moderate temperature.


When we are in the cold, our body is focusing on staying warm. Therefore, by using a lot of energy to stay warm, our body is distracted from concentrating, and this distraction keeps students from being able to pinpoint their focus on what they are learning.

To a point, hotter temperatures are generally better for classrooms. General optimism is proven to increase when the temperature get warmer, and our bodies do not have to work as hard to stay comfortable. However, hot temperatures cause sweat, drowsiness, and of course, discomfort. All of these impact concentration and most likely played a role in the CEFPI’s study when the students were taking exams.

The best option is to find a happy medium, generally somewhere between 70-73°.

Sunlight is Crucial to Consciousness

One interesting tidbit to add to the temperature situation is that natural light also helps people focus and stay positive much longer and more efficiently than artificial lights. Unfortunately, some classrooms today are shrouded by thick walls and very little natural light. While sunlight can induce daydreaming, it can also encourage students to stay awake longer and pay more attention to the work in front of them. If possible, open up a window or two in your classroom so that both you and your students can focus better, and hopefully, their grades will improve as a result.

Gator Air and Energy is Necessary for A/C

Those are two very good ways to help students focus harder, but the rest is up to you. However, if you need help with your school’s HVAC system, please feel free to contact us at Gator Air and Energy, or find out more about the many services we offer!

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