Ductless Mini-Splits

Focusing on our goal to provide the most energy-efficient air conditioning systems to local families and businesses, Gator Air and Energy installs and services mini-split air conditioning systems to the Gainesville area.

Commonly called “mini-splits,” these ductless heating and cooling options can be an energy efficient way to distribute air in all types of settings.

Benefits of a Mini-Split System

Better Heating of Individual Rooms and Zones

Mini-splits supply air conditioning and heat to individual rooms in a building. Unlike conventional systems that supply air to an entire building, mini-splits focus on specific areas and rooms. This can improve your efficiency and save costs on energy bills throughout the year.


Mini-splits are unique in that they do not require ductwork to function. They feature both an indoor and an outdoor unit that is connected by small cables and a line of refrigerant running through a small hole in the wall. Typically the outdoor unit is placed at ground level, and the indoor unit is mounted high on the wall. Most mini-split systems are conveniently controlled by a remote or can be preset to work automatically.

Mini-splits eliminate the need for bulky ductwork through their use of thin copper tubing that sends refrigerant directly to the wall-mounted unit inside. This eliminates the need for an evaporator unit in the basement or attic. Additionally, of the two necessary units, the noisier one that serves as the compressor and condenser is placed outside.

In the summer, the outdoor unit supplies refrigerant that cools the air coming through the indoor unit. Then, in the winter, the outdoor unit absorbs heat from the outdoor air and sends that to the indoor unit to warm the space.

Convenient Add-On

A major benefit of mini-splits is that they serve as retrofit add-ons to houses and buildings with non-ducted heating systems such as radiant panels, hot water heat, and space heaters. If your home or office has recently been expanded with an additional room or living area adding a mini-split system could be a great option.

Simplicity and Safety

Regardless of the size, shape, or age of your home or office, ductless mini-splits often prove to be a much simpler alternative to other types of air conditioning systems. Connecting the indoor and outdoor units through the wall usually only requires a 3-inch hole, making mini-splits less invasive into the structure of your home. This keeps the home safer than through-the-wall and window-mounted air conditioners that can allow easy entrance for intruders.

Maintain Both Curb Appeal and Interior Design

The unsightly nature of an outdoor unit in a conspicuous space can be avoided with the range of lengths in which the connecting conduits come. The outdoor unit can be located as much as fifty feet away from the indoor evaporator, so rooms in the front of the house can be cooled when the compressor is on a different side of the building.

Indoor units can be placed in the room in a way that doesn’t distract from the interior design and decor of the space. Suspending it from a ceiling, mounting it flush into a drop ceiling, hanging it on the wall, or setting up a floor-standing model are all options for the indoor unit. Mini-split systems are popular for their ductless nature, but implanting a small stream of ducts into the ceiling is possible for individuals who would prefer grilles in the ceiling to the larger indoor unit on the wall.

Cost Savings

Gator Air and Energy recommends ductless mini-splits to residents in the Gainesville area largely due to the significant cost and energy savings they can benefit from. Ducts can be responsible for significant loss of conditioned air which greatly impacts your system’s efficiency.

Bypassing the need for ducts and maximizing energy efficiency can generate instant savings of up to 50%.

Are Ductless Mini-Splits Right for You?

If you’re considering installing a mini-split system in your home or office, it could be the best option if:

  • Your home or office has recently been expanded. Have you recently added a bonus room or sunroom on to your home? Mini-splits are a great add-on for expanded living spaces where ductwork would be expensive or inconvenient to install.
  • Your home has no existing ductwork. Many older homes were not initially built with ductwork installed. If that is the case for you, a ductless system could save a significant amount of time and money.
  • You have limited space. Extra ductwork is usually not an option in tight spaces like small apartments, so ductless mini-splits could be the best route for you.
  • You’re looking for an option that doesn’t distract from the decor of your home. Both the indoor and outdoor units of mini-split systems are possible to install in ways and locations that won’t compromise the existing design or curb appeal of your home.
  • You only use certain rooms in your home throughout the year. A major cost benefit of mini-splits is that each indoor unit comes equipped with its own thermostat, so you will only pay for heating and cooling a space when you occupy it.

Contact Gator Air and Energy for Ductless Mini-Splits

Gator Air and Energy works with all the major mini-split system brands such as Daikin, Mitsubishi, Gree, and Sanyo. We are experts in properly sizing and installing mini-split systems to best suit your home or office. To learn more about mini-splits or to plan a timely, hassle-free installation, call Gator Air and Energy today!