Get More from Your System with a Gainesville HVAC Contractor

The first step in setting yourself up with an HVAC system is to determine what size system your home or business needs. A competent Gainesville HVAC Contractor will consider many different factors in order to decide what system is best for you. These factors include the size of the building and the size and type of all the walls and windows. Whether or not the building has insulation and what type and density insulation it is are other qualities to take into account. Knowing if the building has a basement or attic and what condition these spaces are in is also important, as well as which direction the building is facing and how it is oriented with the sun. An experienced HVAC contractor will analyze all of these details before beginning a job, and a well-equipped one will use a computerized system to calculate the heating and cooling needs of your rooms. This step will help the HVAC contractor make precise recommendations.

Perhaps you think that all of this effort is counter-intuitive for an HVAC contractor to go through, as the assumption might be that an HVAC contractor would simply try to sell you the most expensive HVAC system available. However, that plan would actually be very unproductive for your Gainesville HVAC contractor, because the size of a system is very important to the success of the system within a certain space, and an HVAC contractor would not want to have a history of installing unsuccessful systems.

The size of your air conditioning unit can be too big or too small. While a big system will work fast, it would do a very poor job of removing enough moisture from the air. Consequently, the excessively humid air in your space would leave you feeling sticky and gross, not cool and refreshed. Even worse, the accumulation of too much humidity can lead to growth of mold and harmful bacteria inside your home or business, which would make your space less safe. Another major consequence of an oversized system is that it will turn itself on and off more rapidly, which is called “short cycling”. Short cycling can adversely affect the system and cause it to break down sooner, but not before it has burnt a hole in your pocket by forcing you to pay monumentally high heating and cooling bills. Clearly, a bigger system is not always the answer. On the other hand, a smaller system can be a big setback as well. In an effort to heat and cool a space that exceeds its performance limitations, a system that is too small will run constantly, which will also cause the too-small system to run itself down very quickly. A system that breaks due to improper sizing is a very bad mark on the reputation of an HVAC contractor. Therefore, there is no benefit to a Gainesville HVAC contractor in selling you a system that is the wrong size, as it would lead to unnecessary complications or needless service calls for them. A professional HVAC contractor in Gainesville cannot afford to have disgruntled or dissatisfied customers, as businesses do best with positive referrals, and HVAC businesses depend majorly on word-of-mouth. Therefore, if you have found a good HVAC contractor in Gainesville, they will definitely sell you an air conditioning system that is the right size for your home or business.

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