Improve Your Air Quality: How to Eliminate Dander and Pet Odor in Your Veterinary Clinic

How the simple and often forgotten task of installing UV Lighting in your HVAC system can improve the indoor air quality of your veterinary office

Indoor air quality is incredibly important for any business, but especially so for veterinary clinics. Furthermore, ultraviolet lighting is an extremely effective way to rid your indoor air of potentially dangerous bacteria, fungi, mold, and viruses. Consequently, a potentially unknown or often overlooked quality of UV lighting is that it can remove dander and unpleasant odors for indoor air. Therefore, if you work in a veterinary office or a building plagued with pet dander, hair, and odor, keep reading to learn more about what installing UV lighting into your HVAC system can do to purify your air.

Ultraviolet lighting is an extremely effective way to rid your indoor air of potentially dangerous bacteria, fungi, mold, and viruses

What is Ultraviolet Light?

Ultraviolet light is radiation that is invisible to the human eye. It is a natural emission from the sun that causes suntans and sunburns. More importantly, ultraviolet light helps clean up some of the bacteria in the atmosphere.

Why Does Ultraviolet Light Matter?

Updated building techniques now keep new buildings more insulated, and this added insulation lowers the indoor air quality because it prevents the natural antibiotics from the sun from reaching the indoor air and helping to remove any bacteria. This situation combined with ultraviolet light’s ability to purify air means that ultraviolet extensions on your A/C units can definitely assist in maintaining the cleanliness of your clinic.

Why Do Veterinary Clinics Need Ultraviolet Light?

While every business would benefit from pristine indoor air, improved indoor air quality is particularly critical for any healthcare facility, especially one that caters to animals. As mentioned before, UV lights can purge your air of dander, odors, and bacteria. In a building bustling with animals of all shapes and sizes, having a ultraviolet light purifier installed in your HVAC system can not only improve your air quality, but also can work as a natural odor neutralizer.

What are the Benefits of Ultraviolet Light?

Ultraviolet lighting is very beneficial, as a single UV light is:

  • Able to cleanse the air of dander
  • Able to cleanse the air of bacteria, mold, and viruses
  • Able to deodorize the air
  • Generally not expensive to add to your current HVAC system
  • Environmentally efficient
  • Energy efficient

How Can You Secure an Ultraviolet Light?

Thankfully, adding an ultraviolet light to your HVAC system is pretty simple to do. Just call your local HVAC contractor and see if they have the capability to install one. If you need any more reason to install ultraviolet lights, know that they are a green choice due to their minimal energy consumption, and this quality also means that they will not add much to your annual expenses. Even more good news for those looking for UV lights in the Gainesville area is that not only can Gator Air and Energy install UV lights in your system, but we can also replace them on our annual checkups. Contact us today or visit our page to learn more about UV light installation.

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