Is Your Restaurant at Risk? The Importance of Keeping Restaurant Air Ducts Clean

Maintain safety for the customers, employees, and food of your restaurant by cleaning out the air conditioning ducts

If you own a restaurant, you should have your air conditioning ducts cleaned several times per year to make sure that your air is clean and safe for both your employees and your customers. According to, having dirty air ducts in a restaurant can be everything from a food contaminator to a fire hazard. Therefore, Gator Air and Energy has taken the time to answer many questions about why restaurant owners will want to upkeep their air ducts.

What Are the Specific Dangers of Dirty Ducts?

Here are some of the more common dangers of not cleaning one’s restaurant ductwork often enough:

  1.   Fire

  • Fires can be caused by a buildup of grease in the ductwork or ventilation hoods
  • Poorly cleaned hoods cause 21% of all fires
  1.   Bacteria such as e. coli and salmonella

  • These bacteria appear if the meat is not fully cooked
  • Bacteria can lead to irregular heating
  1.   Overheating Kitchen

  • An overheated kitchen leads to faster food spoilage, mold, and other bacteria


Dirty air ducts in a restaurant can be everything from a food contaminator to a fire hazard.

How Often Should You Clean the Ducts?

The best way to ensure safety in your kitchen is to set up a regular cleaning schedule. Train your employees to clean only what they can reach, and make sure that cleaning moves through a weekly schedule at least. Setting up a schedule of regular duct cleanings with professionals is also necessary. No matter who you choose to work with for your duct cleanings, just remember that a restaurant will need a thorough duct cleaning anywhere from once a year to four times a year depending on its output. has more specific standards for how often per year your company should have the ducts cleaned.

How Can You Clean the Ducts?

As mentioned before, you need to hire a professional to clean your ducts once a year at the very least, depending on what you cook. However, you can do some of the work yourself. Remember to clean only what is within safe reach of your employees, and do not try clean out everything without the help of a professional. For instance, don’t try to clean the inside of the ducts, but work on the ventilation hood, and replace filters, etc. It’s recommended that you clean out your kitchen as much as you possibly can.

Keep Up With The Competition

As you may well know, today’s restaurant business is extremely competitive, and cleanliness is more important now than ever. Maintaining the cleanliness of your ducts is not only a necessary health practice to follow, but it is also essential to staying in competition with other restaurants and just staying in business in general.

If you are a local Gainesville restaurant and you would like to contact professionals to clean your ducts, please contact us. For more information on duct cleaning, click here.

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