How to Keep Your AC Running Smoothly

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When you’re sitting on the couch and feel the temperature steadily begin to rise within your home, the dreaded realization that your air conditioner (AC) is not working properly can set your day on an unexpected, stressful path. However, with proactive care and maintenance, you can avoid it all. 

Below, we’ll walk you through 4 of the most effective ways to keep your air conditioner running smoothly all year long and provide some simple steps homeowners can take on themselves to troubleshoot an air conditioner that isn’t performing correctly. 

Replace Your AC Filter

While replacing your AC filter should be on your to-do list approximately every three months, this is a great place to start troubleshooting issues with your air conditioner. If your air conditioner stops working, check here to ensure that your filter is clear of excessive dust and debris, and if you haven’t swapped it out for a fresh filter in over 90 days, take this opportunity to do so. 

Protect Your AC From Storms

As a Florida homeowner, you’re likely well aware of the damaging toll that storm season can have on your house. While we often consider preparing for hurricanes and thunderstorms for evacuation plans and assets like roofs, many homeowners neglect to protect their air conditioning unit as well. While you may inevitably lose power, and thus air conditioning, your AC unit can still take damages throughout the storm. 

To protect your air conditioner to restore your comfortably cool home after a storm, make sure to take these steps to minimize your need for AC repair or replacement.

  • Ensure that there are no overhanging tree limbs or loose items surrounding your air conditioning unit.
  • Turn off the electricity to your air conditioner during a severe storm to protect from electrical surges or consider installing an HVAC surge protector
  • Clear your air conditioner of any debris, including any leaves that have built up. 

To read more about how to keep your air conditioner safe in the event of a hurricane, read our blog for more information!

Maintenance Service Is Key For Your AC

To cool your home year-round without repair needs, it is imperative that you keep to a regular maintenance schedule for your air conditioner. To best protect your HVAC unit, we recommend that you schedule maintenance in the fall and spring. Doing so will ensure that your unit is equipped to combat the winter’s cold and the summer’s heat without exacerbating any issues that have arisen. 

To schedule maintenance for your air conditioner, call us today to book or fill out our online contact form for more information!

Ensure That Your Thermostat Is Set Correctly

Adjust Your Home’s Temperature

An ideal temperature to set your thermostat to is 78 degrees during the day. This temperature will keep your family and guests comfortably cool while not overworking your air conditioning unit as it combats the grueling Florida heat. If you’re not home during the day, ensure that you raise the thermostat temperature to not only keep your AC from working harder than needed but also to save money on your summertime energy bills.

Check Your Thermostat’s Fan Settings

While looking at your thermostat may seem like an obvious answer when your air conditioning fails to cool your home, an unintentional press to the wrong button could be the root cause of your hot home. When you think something must be wrong with your AC system without a clear problem, one of the first things is to verify that your thermostat is correctly set. 

We often find that someone in the house had accidentally set the thermostat from “automatic” to “fan.” When set to “automatic” your thermostat correctly tells the air conditioner to turn on when the indoor temperature rises above a set point. Alternatively, when set to “fan” the thermostat signals your air conditioner to blow air through the ducts while no cooling occurs. 

Rely On Our Trusted AC Professionals In Gainesville, FL

From AC preventative care to emergency care needs, our team in Gainesville, FL has you covered. When it comes to getting your air conditioner working as it should, there’s no need to sweat in a hot house or a stressful situation. If the issue seems too big to fix yourself or if you’d like to entrust your system to a trained professional, our team is here to help. Give us a call at (352)275-4827 and we’ll send out our expert technicians to get your air conditioner cooling your home comfortably once again in no time!

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