How Proper Ventilation Helps Cool Your Home

One of the most critical components of air conditioning maintenance is proper ventilation. In order to ensure that you are breathing clean air and that you’re getting the most efficient output from your AC unit, it is crucial that air ducts are free of debris, vents remain open and routine maintenance is performed on a regular basis.

Maintaining proper ventilation has a number of advantages, but let’s focus on these three key points which are applicable to both residential and commercial air conditioning units:

  1. Better Cooling Efficiency
  2. Lower Costs
  3. Dust and Debris

Better Cooling Efficiency

Its safe to say that when you walk into your office in the morning or open the front door to your home after a long day, you want to feel cool, clean, refreshing air as you move throughout the space. From one room to the next, the temperature on your thermostat should be the temperature of the entire home or workspace.

In order to maintain that balanced, cool, breezy air flow, the vents themselves should be cleaned regularly and remain open. The ducts, which funnel the cool air into your home or workspace are designed to provide a balance and consistency in temperature. By closing the vents, which are the exit points of the ducts, it can cause an imbalance in temperature with some rooms becoming warmer than others.

Allowing the vents to remain open ensures proper ventilation and is also a great way of reducing stress on your AC unit. Since timers and thermostats typically turn on and off based on the temperature of the room, closing vents can cause the unit to have to work harder and run more often in order to account for the warmer temperature. This can lead to added costs on your energy bill as well.

Lower Costs

Let’s be honest – when it comes to your energy bill, you don’t want any surprises. Receiving a bloated utility invoice for your home or business can put a serious damper on an otherwise great day, especially when you consider how simple it is to keep that from happening.

Here are a few short ventilation tips that will save you money this summer and ensure a clean, healthy, comfortable indoor environment for you and your guests:

  1. Take a walk around your home or office. Make sure each vent is open and positioned for maximum cooling. This will allow you to accurately point cool air in a direction that is most convenient for you.
  2. If you do find it absolutely necessary to close one or more vents, it may be a good idea to increase the cooling temperature on your thermostat. This will ensure that your AC unit shuts off instead of continuing to run.

Dust and Debris

Keep your vents clean! If you notice dust, dirt or debris beginning to accumulate on or around the vents, make sure you give them a good detailed dusting. Airborne debris can lead to sneezing, elevated allergy symptoms and irritation of the nasal passages. Clean ventilation is a quick and simple way to keep you and your space healthy and happy.

For more helpful ventilation tips, please contact Gator Air & Energy. We are always striving to provide YOU with the best HVAC services in Gainesville.

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