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AC Repair: Five Reasons Your AC May Need Repair

Reasons Your Air Conditioner May Need Repair

In the Florida heat, the best way to stay comfortable every day is to ensure that the home’s AC system is operating properly whenever you adjust the thermostat. Your HVAC system will require periodic service throughout its lifespan to continue working at peak efficiency. Even with this regular service, there are still times that your system will need repairing or replacing. We provide five reasons below that your AC may need repair services.

1. Improper Condensation Drainage

When the evaporator drain line develops a clog, it will cause water to build up in the drain pan. Once the water is high enough, it will trigger a sensor that shuts off the blower. In addition, if the drain pan overflows, it may lead to damage to the floor underneath the blower. If your blower is in the attic, which is common today, this may also lead to damage to the ceiling below the drain pan. Many times, homeowners call an AC repair company to discover why their blower is not working only to learn that there is too much water in the drain pan. The technician will remove the clog and empty the drain pan to restart the blower unless another malfunction occurs in conjunction with this issue.

2. Low Refrigerant Levels 

Without sufficient refrigerant, the AC system will blow warm air instead of cool air. If you do not catch this issue in time, your condenser unit will freeze up and completely quit working. When this occurs, the technician will hopefully be able to unfreeze the unit. Then, the technician will need to refill your condenser with the proper amount of refrigerant to return the unit to full operational condition. In the event that the technician cannot unfreeze the condenser, you may need to have a  replacement unit installed.

3. A Dirty Filter Can Lead to a Blower Break Down

An AC blower contains a filter to catch dirt and other foreign particles to prevent them from entering the ductwork throughout your house. When this filter is full, the airflow cannot freely move into the blower, and this will cause the blower to stop working properly. Certain filters are disposable while others are permanent, cleanable ones. Whichever your system has, you should clean or change your filter every 30 to 60 days. Blowers can completely break down from this problem when you neglect to follow this recommendation and may even need to be replaced.
Another issue that may cause insufficient airflow in your system is greenery or other items too near to your condenser unit outdoors. Keep the area around this unit clear to allow the air to flow freely.

4. The Condenser Fan Quits Running

On occasion, the condenser fan may break down and stop air from flowing through the unit properly. In this situation, the capacitor may need to be replaced, or the entire condenser fan may have burnt out and would need to be replaced.

5. The Blower’s Control Board Needs Replacing

The AC blower contains a control board that supplies power to the various components of the AC system. When this board is defective, a technician will replace it with a new operational one. He or she will first rule out all other problems and issues, though, before replacing this board to ensure that the other components are not the cause of the problems.

Of course, these five reasons are just a few of the more common issues that may cause your AC system to require a repair. The technicians at Gator Air & Energy will always attempt to repair your AC system first before recommending a replacement for the blower, condenser unit, or both with an entirely new system. While replacement is a last resort, it may be the best solution to restore your HVAC system to operational status. Contact Gator Air & Energy the next time your Florida home requires an AC repair or replacement. We strive to resolve all air conditioning issues in a timely, quality manner.