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How to Ensure Maximum AC Efficiency

As the dog days of summer are upon us, lets take a look at your AC efficiency. Are you receiving maximum cooling when you need it most? Are you overexerting your unit? Are there any preventative measures that can be taken to avoid maintenance issues? Low Cost, Maximum Cooling During the summer months, it can be especially tempting…Read More »

AC Repair for the Summer Months

As we approach the summer season here in the sunshine state, it’s no secret that the weather is going to intensify. With higher temperatures, increased humidity and frequent thunderstorms looming around the corner, now is the time to make sure that none of these weather-related factors will have a negative impact on your air conditioning…Read More »

How Proper Ventilation Helps Cool Your Home

One of the most critical components of air conditioning maintenance is proper ventilation. In order to ensure that you are breathing clean air and that you’re getting the most efficient output from your AC unit, it is crucial that air ducts are free of debris, vents remain open and routine maintenance is performed on a…Read More »

How Attics Affect Your Home Cooling

It’s easy to forget about your attic unless you’re making routine trips into it. For most Gainesville, FL homeowners, the attic is a place for storage and is rarely considered unless it’s being used. Ignoring it could be part of the reason for your escalating utility bills. It’s always possible that the cool air produced…Read More »

When to Kick Your A/C Unit to the Curb

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A/C unit repair is a frustrating option for homeowners, but when is it time to stop calling for repairs and start calling for a new unit? This is a question many homeowners battle with, especially as their A/C unit ages. There comes a time where you should stop dealing with the frustrating, continued repairs and…Read More »

How HVAC UV Lights Improve Indoor Air Quality

UV Lights HVAC Air Quality

Mold and bacteria are pesky intruders that ruin indoor air quality. Airborne germs blow past your HVAC system’s filter and circulate around your home or business. Your air conditioning system’s indoor coil is part of what cools your home, but it can also be a hotbed of microscopic misery that affects air quality and a…Read More »

5 Tips to Save Money Heating Your Florida Home

Tips Save money on heating florida home business

Contrary to popular belief, Florida does get pretty cold in the winter. Here in North Central Florida, we spend many winter mornings scraping frost off of vehicle windshields. These colder temps mean that heating bills can be as high, or higher, than summer months. Aside from regular maintenance of your HVAC system, there are other…Read More »