Replacing Your Central AC Unit – What You Need to Know 

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AC units can last a very long time. With proper maintenance and care, homeowners can go 10-15 years without replacing their units. Eventually, the time will come when purchasing a new unit will give you more value than repairing an old one.

Gator Air & Energy wants to prepare Gainesville and Ocala for anything that comes your way when it’s time for a replacement Central Air Conditioning Unit.

Signs That You May Need a New AC Unit

Air conditioners are essential to making it through North Florida’s hot and humid summers. There are some telltale signs that your AC unit is in need of a replacement. 

  • Frequent Breakdowns

  • Blowing Hot Air

  • Poor Airflow

  • AC Unit won’t turn off or on

In most instances, a repair can solve these issues, At Gator Air and Energy repairing is always the first option. We do what we can to save our customers time and money, and if it is cost-effective, we will always recommend repairs over replacements.

When Should You Repair and When Should You Replace Your Central AC Unit?

There are instances where replacing a unit will be the more cost-effective and efficient option for home and business owners. There are 3 major factors that help determine whether you should replace or repair your air conditioner.

  • The Age of Your Unit

With the average life expectancy of an air conditioner at between 10-15 years, it doesn’t make much sense to continue maintaining and repairing a unit that is going to continue causing you problems.

  • The Cost of Your Energy Bills

Regardless of how well-maintained your current unit is, old units will be less energy efficient and have higher energy bills than new ones. 

A new unit could end up being a long-term investment and over time eventually save you money.

  • The Cost of the Repair

In most cases, it is more cost-effective to repair a central unit than to replace one. This is especially true when dealing with a relatively new system. But as time goes on, the money you put into old AC units becomes less and less valuable. 

“The Rule of 5000” is a good practice to reference when making this decision. That is, if the cost of the repair X and the age of the unit exceeds 5000, it may be time to consider replacing the unit.

How Can I Prevent Broken AC Units?

You can take plenty of preventative measures to make your AC units last longer. Gator Air & Energy goes deep on keeping your AC running smoothly in this blog article.

New Central AC Unit

Total Cost of a New AC Unit In Gainesville

The cost of new air conditioning can vary greatly depending on square footage, energy needs, and many other factors. The only way to know 100% what a new central AC unit is going to cost is to have an expert evaluate your energy needs.

What Goes Into a New AC Unit Cost in Gainesville?

With such a wide range of what a new AC unit can cost, it is evident that a lot of factors go into the pricing of a new unit. Here is a brief rundown of what you are paying for when getting a new air conditioner.

Air Conditioning Unit Energy Efficiency

Gator Air & Energy installs Trane® air conditioners, these units vary in energy efficiency based on their SEER.

What is SEER? 

A SEER is the rating or ratio a central AC unit is given that is based on how energy efficient the unit is. SEER actually stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and is determined by the output divided by the Watt-hours of the central AC unit.

Trane® (our go-to HVAC system) has a great blog post that goes into great detail about what a good SEER rating consists of. 

Central AC Unit Capacity

The size of your home or commercial space plays a large part in what your AC unit capacity needs are. While being too small can obviously cause issues, being too large can be just as detrimental. 

A central AC unit that is too big can cause the unit to turn off and on too often, which can cause issues with removing moisture from the home, which is super important in Gainesville’s swampy climate!

Ductwork Modification

Having ductwork that fits the requirements of your AC unit is extremely important to the longevity and performance of your system. 

Because different units have different requirements when getting an HVAC system replaced it is important for the installers to make any necessary modifications to your pre-existing ductwork.

Electrical Costs

Some older AC units do not have thermostats with the level of air control that you will want with a new HVAC system. This can occasionally require updating the control wiring to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Gator Air & Energy only recommends the best option for your HVAC needs!

What If I Can’t Afford a Replacement AC Unit?

An entire new air conditioning unit can be expensive, and not many people have the cash on hand to cover such an unexpected cost. Luckily, Gator Air & Energy has financing options available to make replacing your central AC a more approachable option. With credit approval, you can receive a loan with no down payment, convenient monthly payments, and easy account management. 

This allows our customers to make the financially smart decision, even if they don’t have the ability to pay for it up front!

Get An Estimate on How Much Your AC Replacement Will Cost in Gainesville.

With so many factors to consider when choosing which HVAC Unit meets your needs while still maintaining an affordable price, an expert needs to evaluate your space to give you the best and most accurate price estimate.

Gator Air & Energy has the experience and expertise required to give North Central Florida residents the best possible options when it comes to AC installation.

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